Three Ways to Combat Body Image Struggles This Summer

Summer is here! It’s a season full of warm weather, longer days, and (hopefully) fun plans that involve a lot of outside time.

It’s unfortunately also a time in which the world makes us feel like crap about what we look like. The messages about getting our bodies “beach ready” are everywhere and that’s very hard to ignore.

While you might not be immune, here are five ways you can keep those messages out of your head as much as possible:

Wear clothes that fit you.

Nothing makes you feel worse than squeezing in to clothes that require you to hold your breath. Buy and wear clothes that fit your body – whatever size that is. Don’t forget that those numbers are ridiculous anyway! I recently bought a sweatshirt in which I wear an XL. I also bought a dress that’s a small. Sizes are arbitrary.

Stop the comparison trap.

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again! Mute and unfollow social media accounts that make you feel badly about you. It doesn’t matter who it is and if they mean well. Don’t put yourself in the position to compare yourself to someone else.

Call BS on “fashion rules” that you don’t actually need to follow.

Repeat after me: you can wear whatever you want. If you want to rock a crop top, do it. If you want to take your shirt off at the beach, go for it. There isn’t a specific weight that you need to be or a look you need to have in order to be comfortable this summer. If you hear other people saying the opposite, call them out. Practicing body neutrality or positivity means you need your language to match your actions.

A beach body is a body that goes to a beach. Full stop.

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