Business Partnerships

Research shows that the majority of job seekers factor in an employer’s consideration for their mental health when looking for a new position.

We can help you make an impactful commitment to your team’s well being. We’ll work with you to develop a presentation or interactive group discussion that’s tailored to the needs of your organization to ensure it’s worth your investment and time. We are also available for long term partnerships to ensure you are prioritizing your team’s mental health on an ongoing basis.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

  • Workplace wellness and managing job related stress
  • Goal setting and career advancement for employees
  • Sexual assault prevention and consent workshops
  • Mental health and wellness for managers and entrepreneurs
  • Improving employee relations and managing workplace conflict
  • Cultural competency, DEI, and racial bias training
  • Stress relief through meditation and mindfulness
  • Mediation for intra-organization conflicts
  • Realistic wellness strategies
  • Preventing a mental health crisis
  • Informational sessions on anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns
  • Incorporating mental health into movement/exercise
  • Pet therapy with our certified therapy dog, Nomi