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How to Support a Loved One Who Identifies as LGBTQ+

Are you looking for the best ways to support someone who has come out to you as LGBTQ+? This guide will offer some practical tips to help you support your loved one.


Do you have a hard time setting up goals and reaching them? If so, our SMART Goals handout will help you sort it out and get on track.

How to Cope with Race Based Trauma

Download this free resource that offers practical strategies to cope with the ongoing psychological toll of experiencing and witnessing race-based violence.

The Stages of Change

Do you want to make a change but feel stuck? This will help! Developed in the 1970s by Prochaska and DiClemente, the Stages of Change model has helped many people develop different relationships with their mental health and wellness. Download our free resource if you’re looking to make a change but need support in working through your barriers.

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