Spotlight: Therapist Stefania Mogavero

Another day, another team member! Today we’re meeting Stefania Mogavero – and her rescue pup, Sonny! Learn how she thinks we can break mental health stigmas and what her personal love language is (hint: it’s a delicious food!).

What’s one thing we can do to reduce mental health stigma?

One way to reduce mental health stigma is starting to deepen the discussion and participate in uncomfortable conversations. The experiences of vulnerability and rejection may feel daunting in starting these conversations, but they are essential in normalizing some very human experiences. Normalizing and prioritizing mental health will not only foster human connectedness, but may empower others to seek out the help they need.

What’s one thing that always brightens your mood?

Something that always brightens my mood is my rescue pup, Sonny. Pets have such a special way of reminding us to stay present in making time to snuggle and laugh about silly things that they do!

What would your last meal on earth be?

My last meal on earth will have to include any sort of pasta to make it memorable. Pasta is like a sixth love language to me.

What’s something you wish you could learn instantly?

Something I wish I could learn instantly is how to read minds, so I can know for sure when clients are holding something back! Just kidding…. mostly. 😉

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