Spotlight: Co-founder Rachel Gersten

We’re introducing you to the amazing people who make up the Viva team. Next up to bat, co-founder Rachel Gersten busting a big therapy myth and showing love to what she’s been listening to on repeat.

What’s one myth you’d like to bust about therapy?

It’s not just for crisis situations. Therapy can be amazing preventative healthcare. Life is HARD and having a safe space to process everything that happens to us on a daily basis before it gets unmanageable is invaluable.

If you had to listen to one song everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’ve been listening to anything by Taylor Swift and Lin Manuel Miranda everyday for the last two years anyway, so I’ll just stick with what works!

What’s one thing that always brightens your mood?

Running. Even when it’s not a great run, I always feel better afterwards.

What’s something that always makes you cry?

One of the final scenes in Frasier when Martin says goodbye and thank you to Frasier for the last 11 years. I’ve seen it at least a hundred times (not an exaggeration!) and it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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Viva provides clients with individualized, holistic, and culturally competent care. We focus on working with the whole person and firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone.

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