Spotlight: Co-Founder Jor-El Caraballo

We’re introducing you to the amazing people who make up the Viva team. First up, our co-founder Jor-El Caraballo sharing some fun facts, probably while eating red velvet cake.

What’s one thing you think we can do to reduce mental health stigma?

Reducing mental health stigma can feel like a lofty goal, and it is, but I think that all of us can work to reduce stigma by challenging ourselves to be more vulnerable with the people in our immediate circle. If we are honest with ourselves and talk more openly about our feelings (in both light and deep ways) I think we could normalize that it’s OK to feel and practice really listening to one another. I think that would help a lot!

What would your last meal on earth be?

I honestly couldn’t decide what my last meal on earth would be. It would probably need to include Red Velvet cake and red wine though!

What’s one thing that always brightens your mood?

Can I have two? Music is definitely one of them (of many varieties) and my pup Nomi, she’s the cutest.

What’s something that always makes you cry?

I’m naturally pretty sensitive so I tend to cry at a lot of things – I haven’t made it through an episode of This is Us with dry eyes yet.

What’s something you wish you could learn instantly? 

Languages – like all of them. It would be so cool to be able to travel anywhere in the world and communicate effectively with people native to the area.

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