Healthy Doesn’t Always Feel Happy

“Health and happiness are not necessarily the same thing.” It’s kind of a novel idea, isn’t it? We can be so focused on achieving happiness that we sometimes forget to prioritize what makes us most healthy because they’re not always one and the same.

I know what you’re probably thinking – that largely runs counter to what many of us have been brought up to think. Shouldn’t we all be aiming for happiness? Isn’t the ultimate gold star?! Maybe, but maybe not.

Doing what feels best for you won’t always make you feel like you’ve won a prize and that’s OK.

Consider this

Have you ever ended a relationship knowing that it was the best move for you & and the pain still made you feel miserable? I’ve been there. I’m sure many of you have too. You knew that removing this person from your life would make you healthier, despite it hurting like hell, right?

This is just one example in which healthy and happy aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Sometimes we make choices in our lives that focus on securing our health or wellness. And while there’s no guarantee that we’ll get or stay there (wellness is a continuum after all) there are decisions we make to increase our chances.

Sometimes we do things for health and that won’t always make us feel “happy.”

Working on yourself in therapy doesn’t exactly always feel good or make you “happy.” It can still feel worthwhile. Sticking to an exercise routine improves your health and flexibility but maybe doesn’t feel “good.” Starting a new relationship can make you overwhelmingly anxious but is still good for you.

Do you see the trend here?

Health is a worthwhile goal – happiness will follow

That’s all to say that sometimes what makes us healthy isn’t exactly what makes us happy in the moment. That’s OK. We don’t have to always be chasing the ever-elusive concept of happiness because chances are we may not reach the exact point we have in mind.

What if we lost a bit of comfort now – a bit of happiness now – made for an even better, and healthier long run?

Sounds like a fair trade off to me.

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