You Can’t Meditate Away Injustice

Clearly, I’m a fan of therapy. I made it my career. I own a therapy practice. And yet, as we get deeper into an election year, I’m thinking more and more about its limits.

Therapy can do a lot to help you process events that have happened, or are happening to you. Life is hard. Even under the best of circumstances, being a human can be a struggle.

If you’re a woman, all the self care tips in the world aren’t going to make you feel better about what’s been happening in the courts in the US. Taking a warm bath might help you feel better in the moment, but it doesn’t stop your rights from being taken away. 

If you’re in need of medication and your health insurance denies your claim, leaving you with a choice of a massive bill or poor health, journaling isn’t going to change that. You feel stress because that’s a stressful situation.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or a person of color, the impact of hate speech isn’t going to be erased by doing something fun. 

Self care can’t fix injustice. Sometimes you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed because we are living in a very challenging world.

As a therapist, this is frustrating. I hate getting to a place with a client in which I know there’s nothing else I can do except help them cope with the cruelties of the world.

This isn’t to say that therapy doesn’t help or you might as well not take care of your mental health. If you’re here, and alive, you might as well try to get through the day as best as you can. Maybe you can even learn to thrive (on some days!) in the face of all of the adversity. That would be pretty amazing.

And while we can’t fix it, we do get it.

Your therapist should understand the impact world events have on your mental health and sessions should reflect that understanding. I think that’s a really important takeaway: awareness. If you ask someone, in this case a therapist, to support you as you walk through life, require that person to understand what it takes for you to walk through life.

If you haven’t felt that way in therapy before, it’s time to work with us at Viva. Schedule a free call to get started.

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