Spotlight: Therapist Sophie Chen

We’re introducing you to the amazing people who make up the Viva team. Today we get to know Sophie Chen, who we think is pretty great if we do say so ourselves!

What made you decide to become a therapist? 

I would really have to attribute it to my experience as an English writing tutor in college. I met with students who were struggling to adjust to the English language, as well as their new environment. It was clear to me in listening to their stories that they needed a different kind of support that went beyond learning grammar rules. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of a nonjudgmental and collaborative relationship and giving people the tools to build confidence in themselves. 

What’s one thing we can do to reduce mental health stigma?

Talk about it with friends and family! Whether it be sharing your feelings or your own experiences in therapy. Every bit counts to normalize mental health in our communities.

What’s one thing that always brightens your mood? 

dan tat (Cantonese for egg tart) or two. It’s a delicious pastry that even looks like the sun with its egg custard center and flaky pastry exterior. 

What’s something you wish you could learn instantly? 

Hands down, it would be language.  It would be a dream to be able to have a conversation with anyone and anywhere. 

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Viva provides clients with individualized, holistic, and culturally competent care. We focus on working with the whole person and firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone.

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