Personalized Nutrition with Jonathan Levitt of Inside Tracker

This week our hosts Rachel and Jor-El talk with runner, host and health advocate Jonathan Levitt. Jonathan works for a company called Inside Tracker which offers personalized health and nutrition recommendations based on blood biomarkers (that you typically won’t get from your doctor!). As Jonathan puts it “we remove the opinion” on nutrition and lifestyle and rely on science. What a concept!

This is an incredibly informative episode on the benefits of personalized healthcare and how it can be used to create a more optimal life designed specifically for you.

We hope you enjoy it! You can follow Jonathan on Instagram at @jwlevitt and you can learn more about Inside Tracker at their website.  As always, Thank you for listening and please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter @vivawellnessnyc.  Also please leave a rating and review on iTunes. Until next time!

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