How to Get Started with Therapy

Have you been curious about how to get started in therapy, but felt unsure about how to do it? Have no fear – we’re here to answer your questions!

In our latest episode Rachel and Jor-El take on this listener submitted question on how to get started in therapy. They cover everything from how to search for a therapist and how to know if you’ve got the right fit for you.  Therapy is confusing and can be difficult too. We hope this episode provides some clarity and inspiration for you to get started.

And if you’re in NY state and interested in working with a member of the Viva Wellness team, hit up the New Clients page.

Thank you for listening and please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter @vivawellnessnyc.  Also please leave a rating and review on iTunes. Until next time!

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Viva provides clients with individualized, holistic, and culturally competent care. We focus on working with the whole person and firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone.

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