5 Ways to Make Social Media Feel Less Like a Dumpster Fire

Between doomscrolling and the comparison trap, it’s easy for your social media feeds to seem full of bad feeling landmines. You’re not alone – there’s a lot of research that shows how social media can be damaging to our mental health. But since these apps are fully integrated into our world, staying off of them entirely doesn’t always feel like the answer. Instead, here are a few ways to make your feed feel more like it did in 2004 (IYKYK).

Be picky about who you follow.

If all you want is cute animal videos, then all you should follow is cute animal accounts. Maybe there’s a friend or relative you can’t unfollow (because social politics are a thing) but you cringe every time you see their post? Mute them. Being selective about what you see when you open the apps makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable.

Set a time limit.

I know, you’ve heard this one before. But actually do it! It’s not just about minimizing your time scrolling endlessly. If you know you have 20 minutes (for example), you’re going to be a lot more mindful of how you spend that limited time. It makes you think twice about scrolling through your frenemy’s posts from the last three years.

Post only what feels good.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to share every aspect of your life on the internet. Share what you want, keep the rest to yourself (or to those who you connect with IRL).

Be a skeptical consumer.

A lot of the people dispensing wellness, life, relationship, health, etc. advice on social media aren’t actually qualified to do so. If you’re looking for guidance on making a change, make sure you’re seeking out a person’s credentials and expertise before you believe anything they say. It’ll increase the chance that the tips you’re implementing are actually going to be helpful, not harmful.

Just say no.

It is not a requirement to download every single social media app. Seriously!

Struggling with the comparison trap? Is the doomscroll taking over? Need real advice that’s tailored to you? Speak with one of our therapists for free to get started.

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